Month – May 2008


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I love it when a chick sucks on my balls while I’m stroking my meat but 2 girls? Damn – that is really hot. 2 hot mouths slobbering all over my balls and…wait I should start at the beginning.

U view I was at a party at a friend’s house and I’d gotten tired – what can I say – it was a long day. So I went into his room figuring I’d catch a quick ten minute snooze and then hit the party again. But before I could fall asleep these two chickz came in and were all over me. 1 of them tugged out my dick and started sucking on it while the other 1 had her jugs in my face. Well, sleep isn’t as important as sex so I gave them what they wanted. They both got their pussies screwed nice and hard before I felt my orgasm coming on. I told them to get on their knees and suck my balls and then I gave them a full cumshot cumshot.

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